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We specialize in vertical building, remote projects, and creative construction endeavors. Whether its condos or ranches, timber or concrete, rough or finish, we do it all! Renomads small team of tradesmen are multi-skilled work horses. You’ll be proud you’ve chosen Renomads for your project.

  • Quality Workmanship and Superior Knowledge
  • A Job is Done on Time and on Budget
  • Proven Results for Setting Exceptional Standards
  • Professional Service for Private and Commercial


  • Do you use other paints other than Benjamin Moore?

    If the homeowner provides it, we will use other paints but this is what we recommend.

  • Does the homeowner need to prep the space before Renomads starts painting?

    Most of our projects are billed out on a hourly rate basis. If we need to move your furniture to begin the job, we have no problem doing so but the homeowner will be billed for any work our tradesmen commit to your project. Anything the homeowner can do to prepare the space will save them money. Any questions about this process can be covered before the start date of painting.

  • What can we do to minimize the fumes?

    Benjamin Moore paints has low VOC (vollitile oxygen chemicals) paints. We create a negative air pressure to reduce the amount of fumes in the home.

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    515 979 9444

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    Des Moines, IA

About Us

The company was started by the Naylor Brothers in 2015. Renomad’s mission is to provide clients with the right heads and hands needed to complete their project with quality and in a timely manner.

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